Managing IT assets is often a problem for small and medium enterprises.  Dealing with a number of indistinguishable vendors results in a loss of time and money – numerous contacts, increased number of accounting entries, no credit line etc.

Furthermore, the market is not always adapted to your requirements – frequent stock-outs, suppliers specializing in only single brands or in certain types of products, lack of objectivity, lack of expertise and many other frustrations

Because of this, MIS decided to fill the gap by positioning itself as the single point of contact for all your computer needs. Now, all your requirements can be answered by dialing just one number, whether you seek supplies, hardware or software.

You can’t find the right toner brand for your printer? Contact MIS and we will supply it to you. You want a quotation where you can compare several brands and configurations? Call MIS and we will offer you the very best prices.

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