The triple backup Beemo solution for truly protected data.

Every business has sensitive data that is critical to their operation and needs to be protected. Designed by Beemo Technology, expert in computer backup solutions, Beemo2Cloud is aimed at all businesses regardless of the amount of data they need to back up. This backup solution is easy to implement and administer, and focuses on security by combining three levels of backup, ensuring business continuity through the constant availability of their information system.

Your data is automatically saved on 3 different sites:

1. On Beemo placed in your company
2. In a first secure Beemo Data Center (Marseille)
3. In a second secure Beemo Data Center (Lyon)

The triple backup Beemo guarantees the continuity of business activity in case of disaster thanks to the constant availability of their information system.


The BeeOne is also available in BeeSafe One.

If the BeeOne will meet the needs of those who have a small amount of data to back up, the BeeSafe One will allow it to add a level of security to the backup of all your customers.

What is the BeeSafe One?

This is the combination of a BeeOne as presented in the previous article, as well as a fireproof and waterproof housing containing a disc of 3 or 6 TB. In this case, the BeeOne plays the role of OS disk, and all data is backed up on the second enclosure. In case of fire or flood, the data remains intact and protected. In addition, the BeeSafe One as the BeeSafe can be accompanied by an anti-theft housing that allows a fixation to the ground.

Who is it for?

Some customers do not want to outsource their data, they want them to stay in their business location only. With the BeeSafe One, even after a disaster, their data is always safe. No matter which backup solution you choose, the BeeSafe One adds an extra level of security to your customers’ backup.

The BeeSafe One is available in 3 and 6 TB. For customers who need a larger backup capacity, the classic BeeSafe is available. Below, the technical specifications of the BeeSafe One: