Business Management Software

oxygene de memsoft

MIS assists business managers and decision makers in managing the IT infrastructure of their companies, so they can concentrate on their core activity and operate their businesses.

Through our partnership with MEMSOFT, the software publisher, we distribute OXYGEN,  Integrated Management Software. This ERP consists of a large set of plugins, allowing you to adapt your system on-demand with the growth of your company. It is free to use for a single-user version.

What is an ERP?

It is software that is used to manage all the processes of a company. The core principle of an ERP is to build business applications (payroll, accounting, inventory management etc in a modular way (each module being independent) while sharing a single database.

What are its benefits?

  • Optimization of business processes (economic and financial flows)
  • Coherence and consistency of information: one single file for all items
  • Integrity and uniqueness of the information system
  • Sharing the same information system to facilitate internal and external communication
  • Cost minimization: no interface between the plugins, synchronization treatments, simplified corrective maintenance, as it is provided directly by the editor
  • Globalization of training (same logic, same ergonomics)
  • Control of costs and time for implementation and deployment